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We Love Making Dreams come to life for you.

We love design at Inspired Space Design. We are dedicated to delivering projects that are individualized and unique, leaving no detail untouched.

What We Do

We love all projects; large, small and anywhere in between.  We can work together for something as small as a color consultation or décor refresh to something as large as a new build.  Each project is different and every scope is unique, so it’s best to discuss the details.

Interior Styling

Often added to a full service Interior design project, this Transforms the space completely. Leaving no detail untouched, we furnish your space with curated, handpicked items.

Residential Design

Interior and exterior design, space planning, finish & lighting selections and project management; we guide the project from dream to reality.

Commercial Design

Through collaboration with architects, builders and trades; we create beautiful functional spaces for people to work, learn and heal.

Design Process

Recipe for Success

Step 1

Planning the Dinner


We begin by meeting so we can get to know you, your tastes, lifestyle your project, your dream!  Is there some special occasion you are planning for?  Is this a long-awaited change?  Topics we will cover include: Your likes, dislikes, preferences, your budget, and timing.  This is your time to get to know us, too!  We will tell you about our experience, share our portfolio.  After the meeting, you can expect a letter of agreement and a quote on the project.

Site Measure, Assessment, and Planning

This on-site meeting generally occurs within two weeks after the letter of agreement and deposit is received. We will take detailed measurements and photographs of all the spaces involved in your project and prepare a floor plan.  The floor plan will be reviewed and finalized in a separate meeting.

Step 2

Finding the Right Ingredients

Design Concept

Next, we will move to the selection of the elements we need to make your dream come to life. We will discuss color, fabrics, furniture, fixtures and materials. We will design plans for floors, counters, windows, walls, and lighting. You can expect quotes to be gathered and pricing to be researched by our experienced team. Creating the design concept is a multi-faceted process and generally requires several weeks, depending on the scope of your project.

Concept Presentation & Approval

Once the design concept is ready, we will present it to you to finalize. This carefully detailed design will include samples of selections, photographs, and drawings that represent the best choices for your space. We will present you with options and with your feedback, we will narrow down the options to the best one for each element. At the end of this step, you can expect a completed design that meets your approval and brings your dream to life.

Step 3

Setting the Table & Start Cooking

Scheduling and Procurement

Once the concept is approved, we will develop a timeline and begin ordering items and scheduling any labor we need. This schedule will be adjusted along the way to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. Before any trades are hired or items are purchased on your behalf you will receive a proposal for approval that details the work to be done or item to be purchased along with all known associated costs. Nothing will be purchased without your approval.

Step 4

Dinner and Dessert are Served

Installation & Styling

This is where the dream becomes reality. All the renovation work has been completed, the furniture is delivered, window treatments are installed, rugs laid, accessories placed, and art hung. Details are obsessed over! Styling involves adding finishing. This could include art, lamps, throws, vases, candles, and other types of accessories.

Step 5

After Dinner Drinks

Refinement Punch List

After the installation is complete, we’ll walk through the space and review each room together. We’ll compile a punch list of all the little things that are left outstanding or need attention (such as paint touch-ups or a needed item). We’ll make sure everything gets taken care of. Once all the items on the punch list are completed, the project will have come to a close. We will then discuss plans for photographing the space and begin to plan our next dinner together!

"The details are not the details, they make the design."
Charles Eames

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